Critical Power Load BanksWith temperatures rapidly falling and winter almost upon us, now is the time to check on one of the most critical elements of your AC uninterruptible power supplies and DC standby power systems – the battery sets.

B&S Group provides a complete range of UPS battery testing and on-site load bank services its service subsidiary – B&S Technical Services Ltd.

B&S Technical Services has over 20 years experience in the provision of critical power services and works across on client sites across the UK. These can range from industrial and petrochemical sites to datacentres and comms rooms, automotive and transportation, medical facilities and utilities sites – in particular – power stations. As well as providing on-site testing, B&S Technical can also provide annual maintenance contracts to ensure round-the-clock technical support, service and emergency response.

All B&S Technical Service engineers are highly trained and approved to work on high security sites. As well as carrying CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) to Gold Level. B&S Technical Service engineers are also trained on a wide range of UPS installations including AEG, Chloride, Huawei and SAFT.

B&S engineers are trained to work with various battery types including lead-acid ‘wet cells’, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad). As important is there approach and training, which is managed through our quality, environmental and health & safety management systems.

Typical AC UPS and DC power system maintenance contracts from B&S Technical Services range from 4 clock hours to 8 and 12 working hours. A typical UPS maintenance contract will include one annual preventative maintenance visit and this can be increased to two PM visits for critical power and industrial or petrochemical sites.

Two key services provided by B&S Technical Service engineers are on-site battery testing and load bank testing. B&S engineers use the latest advanced battery testing systems (Cellcorder testers) allowing them to provide accurate reports on battery health and propose replacement, disposal and recycling plans. Load bank testing (using Torkel load banks) is another service provided by B&S engineers with system and engineer hire available on half or full-day rates.

Additional services include thermal imaging using Fluke infrared cameras to identify ‘hot spots’ within switchgear, UPS systems and battery sets. Power quality including harmonic analysis is another on-site monitoring service provided by the team.

For more information on B&S Technical Services and our on-site testing services and UPS maintenance contracts please call us on 01244 390215 or visit