The B&S Group Ltd is well known for its LV switchgear solutions and a product range that falls into this band is our range of UPS maintenance bypass panels and switches.

For large applications we can build a UPS maintenance bypass facility into an LV switchboard. For smaller applications we manufacture wall mount UPS maintenance bypass switches and can customise their design for use in environments other than IT facilities and datacentres. For our rail and transportation clients we produce bespoke UPS bypass switches that conform to the required standards including smokeless cables and case design.

The B&S Group are more than a systems integrator. We have our own in-house metalwork fabrication, powder coating and assembly facilities. These allow us to design and deliver complete UPS maintenance bypass switch products to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Within any critical power installation the UPS bypass switch is one of the least examined when it comes to specification and design. The bypass switches are themselves considered to be relatively simple devices and yet their reliability when it comes to ‘switching’ is paramount to the overall installation resilience.

In general terms a bypass switch allows an uninterruptible power supply to be switched out of the critical power circuit and isolated for maintenance work or a potential swap out. If the installation did not have a maintenance bypass facility, the only way to remove the UPS system would be to power down the connected loads before UPS disconnection. Not ideal for 24/7 or many other types of operation.

At B&S Group we manufacture panel and wall mounted maintenance bypasses in single and three phase configurations (1/1, 3/1 or 3/3). Each bypass switch has a maximum switch or breaker rating measured in Amps and must be matched up to the input rating of the UPS system, output load kVA and the input and output phases and voltages required. We tend to focus on hardwired maintenance bypasses for large UPS applications but can also manufacture smaller ‘plug-in’ bypasses and even rack mount variants.

In terms of switching options we can offer both make-before-break and break-before-make mechanisms and rotary switches or circuit breakers with and withoutCastell interlocking. Other options include EMC/RFI electrical noise suppression, transient surge and lighting protection devices, remote signalling (volt-free contacts) and even local power sockets for an engineer to use.

For more information on our standard and custom project ranges of UPS maintenance bypass switches please call our projects team on 01244 390 215.