Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools in modern day energy management. Also known as a thermograph, Thermal Imaging detects anomalous heat production that is not visible to the naked eye. Commonly used in electrical inspections, Thermal Imaging Cameras can detect the heat given off by increased resistance in electrical circuits. This can be crucial as failure to detect this heat can lead to unplanned outages or even fire.

B&S provide hire packages for Thermal Imaging Camera equipment. The equipment is hired out on a daily basis with an engineer. Hire within a 50 mile radius of our head office in Chester is free. Beyond a 50 mile radius incurs a charge of 55p/mile which is added onto the overall cost.

On completion of the survey, our engineers will provide a detailed report of the results. Reports contain a thermo-graphic image of the survey target with temperature details and required maintenance action. Follow the link below to view an example report.

Thermal Imaging Example Report
For more information on our Thermal Imaging Camera hire, or for a quote, please contact us today. Our team of engineers are available to discuss your requirements and make practical recommendations.

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