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Smart Power Shop

Smart Energy Metering 

B&S created Smart Power Shop to supply Energy Metering Systems and Equipment to utilities companies, system integrators, installers and end-users worldwide. Smart Power Shop provides an extensive range of Electricity Meters, Gas Meters and Water Meters.

With over 15 years of experience in specifying and providing metering solutions, our team has the expertise to source the product or total solution for each of our client’s specific requirements and within budget.

At Smart Power Shop, we are specialists in specifying and supplying many different brands and models of electricity meters, water meters and gas meters. Our product range and services include:

    • Complete aM&T (Automatic Monitoring and Targeting) / Energy Management Systems
    • Tenant Billing Systems
    • Tariff and Sub Metering Enclosures
    • Rack Products (manufactured in our on-site fabrication and wiring plant)
    • Metering Systems
    • Calibration Metering Software and Hardware installation
    • Commissioning and ongoing support
    • Web Enabled Meters
    • Enterprise Energy Management Reporting
    • Bespoke Metalwork Fabrication
    • Electronics Component Parts (for exact system requirements)

    Whether you want to bill your tenants for energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint or reduce your energy bills by pin-pointing energy wastage, Smart Power Shop has the solution. Visit the Smart Power Shop website for more information or contact us today.

    Smart Power Shop

    Visit the Smart Power Shop website for more information or contact us today.