Here at B&S Group, we’d like to welcome our newest employee, Chris Hughes. In 2017 Chris graduated with a Business Management Degree from Chester University, which sees its headquarters based no more than 2 miles away from our offices.

Since stepping into the full time working world, Chris has had exposure to the fast paced environment of eCommerce, which saw him specialise with selling house hold appliance parts on popular global marketplaces, eBay and Amazon. After working there for 12 months, he accepted a role working within a family ran business in the commercial vehicle maintenance industry, which allowed him to control the social media and eCommerce pages, as well as providing a general assistance to the mechanics and management of the company.

It was whilst we were scouting for an eCommerce executive that we stumbled across Chris’ CV on LinkedIn, and came to the executive decision that he would be an appropriate candidate to attend an interview. It was during this 75 minute long discussion that we become impressed, by both his knowledge and ideas going forward.

John McDonald, the Non-Executive Director, says that he was impressed by not only what Chris knew, but also the attitude he shown towards the role and the potential it has, and that it was clear this was an opportunity Chris was dying to be offered.

Everyone here at B&S Group wish Chris the best of luck with his combined Marketing and eCommerce role and look forward to welcoming him to the team.