Eco Power Supplies and Smart Power Shop are more than ecstatic to welcome new products coming in from the Enersys PowerSafe range.

Enersys are now providing us with PowerSafe V Front Terminal batteries. These unbelievably priced, top of the range valve regulated lead acid batteries that have been designed specifically for use in applications that demand the highest levels of security and reliability.

With compliance to the most rigorous international standards, PowerSafe V-FT batteries are recognised worldwide as a premium solution for Telecom applications. The reputation of PowerSafe V-FT batteries for long service life, together with excellent high rate performance, also makes it ideal for high integrity, high specification UPS systems.

PowerSafe V-FT batteries deliver superior performance while occupying less space than conventional standby power batteries. A range of compact designs, suitable for 19”, 23” and ETSI racking, provides users with the benefit of increased energy density. With all electrical connections at the front, installation and inspection are both quicker and easier.

PowerSafe V-FT batteries benefit from EnerSys’ state-of-the-art Thin Plate Pure Lead manufacturing platform. Monoblocs are designed using gas recombination technology which removes the need for regular water addition by controlling the evolution of hydrogen and oxygen during charging. Oxygen evolved at the positive plates diffuses through microporous separators to the negative plates, and, by a series of chemical reactions within the cell, recombines to form water. Each cell incorporates its own safety valve that allows the controlled release of gas when pressure builds up within the cell.

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity range: 31Ah – 190Ah
  • Front terminal connections for fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • Suitable for 19″, 23″ and ETSI racking
  • UL94 V-0 flame retardant case and lid
  • High energy density
  • Fast charge acceptance capability
  • High reliability
  • Excellent long service life
  • Up to 2 year shelf life

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