Power Quality


Modern power systems have evolved to provide innovative technical solutions which create a more complex power environment. Rising energy prices have resulted in increasing demand from both energy companies and end-users, for both reliable evenly distributed quality and optimal power quality, so that equipment can function satisfactorily within its environment. The end result is that both of these aspects lead to cost savings.

B&S is the sole UK distributor of Metrum’s intelligent measuring and power quality monitoring systems. Metrum systems provide an advanced power quality solution to a wide range of industry sectors, including energy, renewable energy, marine and construction.

Metrum’s intelligent solutions provide:

  • Automatic analysis of power quality issues
  • Remote communication of data
  • Continuous and simultaneous monitoring of a large number of strategic measuring points effectively
  • An overview of trends: early warnings = fewer emergency interventions
  • Better information to customers, employees and service personnel
  • Energy optimization
  • Reduced downtime and less disruption to energy companies and other industries

B&S also provides Metrum’s specialised instruments, which are specifically designed to ensure that Distributor Network Operators and Transmission companies operate effective and efficient systems. These instruments include:

  • Phase Monitoring Units
  • Sub-synchronous Resonance Monitors

B&S has the expertise to provide practical, professional advice throughout the entire design and installation process. For more information about Metrum systems and power quality monitoring please contact us today.



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