UK DNO RegionsB&S Group is a major UK supplier of power solutions for use within a building’s critical, essential and non-essential power paths from the incomer and point of connection to the point of use.

One such product range is our CoP5 Metering Panels built to our DNO client specifications. The CoP5 panels have enclosures made by our fabrication department that are then powder coated ‘in-house’ before final wiring and assembly. We supply them without the meters for our DNO clients to install with their own specific CoP5 meters.

The term ‘CoP’ stands for Code of Practice and a CoP5 meter is a ‘Smart’ Ofgem and Mid-approved meter designed for load profiling and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) for sites above 100kW and below 1MW in annual usage. The meters are installed at the Metered Supply Point (MSP) which is the point at which the meter is used to measure a building’s or client’s electricity consumption is located. This is also the point at which the customers equipment begins and the lateral cable from the District Network Operator (DNO) or building network operate ends. The CoP5 meter is interrogated remotely on a daily basis for billing and settlement purposes.

The meters used are Half-Hourly (HH) measurement devices and there are other CoP levels including CoP10, CoP3, CoP2 and CoP1 ranging from less than 72kW to greater than 100MW in usage.

Code Range Configuration
CoP10 less than 72 kW One HH whole current meter installed. 
CoP5 less than 1MW One HH meter installed
CoP3 1MW to 10MW Two meters installed, main and check, both recording the same load. The main meter being used for billing.
CoP2 10MW to 100MW Two meters installed as in COP3 but higher accuracy class meters.
CoP1 > 100MW Very few sites in the UK at this level, generally power stations and connections to the National Grid

B&S Group is fortunate to work with several DNOs and to have established itself as one of the UK’s principle suppliers of metering panels and CoP5 panels in particular.

For reference tDistrict Network Operators and their specific UK regions include:

  • Electricity North West – region 15 (North Western England)
  • Northern Powergrid – regions 15, 23 (North Eastern England, Yorkshire)
  • SP Energy Networks – regions 13, 18 (North Wales & Merseyside, Central and Southern Scotland)
  • SSE Power Distribution – regions 17, 20 (Northern Scotland, Southern England)
  • UK Power Networks – regions 10, 12, 19 (London, South East England, Eastern England)
  • Western Power Distribution – regions 11, 14, 20, 21 (West Midlands, East Midlands, Southern Wales, South Western England)
  • Northern Ireland Electricity – Northern Ireland

For more information on our CoP5 panel range and our work with DNO clients or to discuss a specific metering project please call us on 01244 390215 or visit our power solutions website.